What Makes Great Access Control

Having the latest in entryway technology means more than just letting residents into your building. An efficient and effective access control system encompasses multiple features to elevate and empower a multifamily or student living property. Residents not only need access to the main entrance of their building, but also to other access points, such as garages and their amenities areas.

Features such as self-guided touring have also become involved in creating effective access control systems. Pot

ential residents can tour a new property at their own pace, as well as have more flexibility in choosing when they can tour. Property managers benefit from this feature, as they can still have potential residents do tours of their property with social distancing in respect to COVID-19.

A great access control system also protects the resident’s data and privacy. A resident should be assured that their personal information won’t be leaked or hacked into, and that the property manager protects their data at all times. If needed, a resident can also be assured that they can have time-stamped images or videos of someone using their entryway system, provided that it follows the privacy policy of the building. An access control system should be compliant of state and federal rules, while also giving comfort to the resident that safety and privacy is of the upmost priority.


Source: Latch, “Access Control and the Future of Smart Buildings”

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