The FCC’s New Regulations and How It Effects Ancillary Revenue

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) recently voted to regulate certain commercial practices between property owners and and broadband providers. These regulations include:

  • Reminders that sale-and-leaseback agreements are prohibited under federal code
  • Requirement to disclose the presence of exclusive marketing arrangements in materials given to current or potential residents
  • Blockage from entering into exclusive revenue sharing agreements

The National Apartment Association (NAA) has pointed out that the FCC did not consider that the newly targeted commercial activities in its ruling support the increase of deploying high-speed and quality affordable broadband connection in nationwide apartment communities.

With the FCC’s new rulings and regulations, this means apartment communities may have the potential to miss out on ancillary revenue. Property managers will now have to look for other forms of ancillary revenue for their communities. Ancillary revenue can come in the form of new entryway technology or partnering with local businesses to offer coupons, both of which Invictus can offer to property managers and current residents. With the adaptation of the FCC’s new regulations, Invictus can evolve and offer ancillary revenue to satisfy both property managers and residents.

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