With this integration, residents of multi-family residential communities have easy access to everything they need, right in the palm of their hand, and they won’t need to worry about accidentally leaving their keys behind.

The intuitive digital platform makes it easier for residents to access their community, check-in visitors, and book amenities, reducing the burden on property managers. Plus, Avigilon’s activity logs and customized reporting improve accountability and streamline auditing.

Openpath - Key-free tenant access, easy-to-use app

Avigilon’s powerful cloud-based software, multi-technology readers, and an easy-to-use app create a smart, flexible access control system. Avigilon enables touchless entry for commercial and residential buildings, with streamlined security management on a fully remote platform. With end-to-end encryption, built-in video capabilities, and customizable user-level permissions, Avigilon is both more secure and more dynamic than traditional systems. 

The Avigilon and Invictus integration offers a completely key-free tenant access experience utilizing Avigilon’s open API and mobile SDK. The Invictus app and intercom kiosk allow frictionless access, and Avigilon’s cloud-based dashboard provides effortless management of the entire property in a unified platform. 

Openpath - Key-free tenant access, easy-to-use app

The smart, modern system allows you to:

  • Unlock Avigilon ALTA entries from the Invictus tenant app with 100% touchless functionality
  • Configure everything and manage all property locations from a single convenient portal
  • Automatically sync sites between the Invictus dashboard and Avigilon ALTA
  • Use digital Cloud Key credentials for guests, maintenance, and deliveries
  • Give residents the ability to reserve amenities in the Invictus app, and gain access with their Avigilon credentials
  • Faster, more convenient issue response from community managers with Invictus’s in-app chat feature

Empower residents and building staff with a low-maintenance, future-proof community engagement and access solution.