Frequently Asked Questions

Invictus Worldwide is redefining expectations for both property operators and tenants. We are bringing the convenience of keyless entry and smartphone access control to your multi-unit building.

Our smart video intercom system and smartphone app are intuitivedurable, reliable, and stand out amongst costlier products with limited features in the marketWe continuously strive to make our products better. As wput our customers at the center of our company, we wanted to go ahead and tackle some of your biggest concerns.

Why choose Invictus over another entryway system?

Invictus was designed with the resident in mind. Residents can enjoy living in a smart community with all-in-one technology to help meet their needs. For example, residents can directly submit maintenance requests and chat with their leasing office through our mobile app instead of having to navigate through multiple login portals.

While video intercom and digital keys have become the new norm, Invictus stands out by also creating community connections with our technology. Residents can view and post social updates on our community bulletin board, as well as have access to discounts from local businesses in their area. Invictus strives to go above and beyond and ensure residents not only have a safe community, but a connected one.

What are the building requirements for system installation?

The requirements for system installation include power, data (for example: LTE) and electrified, secured entry points.

Can this system replace my current intercom?

Absolutely! Each building and situation is unique and would first need to be audited by an installation professional. For more information or to get a free quote, email

How long does installation take?

Since each building/situation is unique, the length of time for installation will differ from property to property. For more information and a free quote, email or connect with one of our channel partners.

Where can I purchase an Invictus system?

Invictus can be purchased and installed anywhere around the world. Email or contact one of our channel partners to get yours today!

Does the Invictus system have a mobile app?

Yes! Our mobile app is available for download on the App Store for iOS systems and Google Play for Android systems.

What if a guest does not have a smartphone?

We understand everyone might not have access to a smartphone. For non-smartphone users, digital keys can be sent via text or email, or by pressing *9 to open an entryway.

Can the Invictus system record video?

Invictus only records time-stamped images of someone using a digital key.

Can I send more than one person a digital key?

Yes! You can send as many keys as you want to guests and can revoke a digital key and access at any time.

How does Invictus protect my privacy?

Invictus does not collect any private or sensitive information, as it is on a Microsoft encrypted platform. We only collect the name, email, and phone numbers to create your resident profile. For our kiosk’s community directory, residents can choose to have their real name displayed, a nickname, or have their name not show up at all in the directory.

Can the Invictus system open the elevators in my building?

Yes. The Invictus system can connect to internal doors. Through our integration partners, we can control all access points throughout the community.

Can the Invictus intercom work with a garage door system?

Yes. Invictus can connect garage door systems directly to our kiosk or to one of our channel partners.

What happens if the system goes down?

The Invictus system has a low level failure rate. However, if the system does go down, it will automatically reboot. We also have an uptime guarantee and and a support/troubleshoot team for all your needs.

Does the Invictus system come with a warranty?

Yes! Every Invictus system comes with an industry standard warranty. Optional warranties are available upon request with an optional fee.

Does the system work in extreme temperatures?

Yes. The Invictus system is built to withstand extreme weather conditions.

Can I integrate Invictus with other property management software?

Yes! Invictus can be integrated with any open API system. Invictus is currently integrated with Openpath and Brivo.

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