Data and Privacy in a Smart Community

More and more products, such as Alexa and Google Voice, have become normalized in the market and branded as products that help consumers with their daily home tasks. According to TechCrunch, voice assistant use will triple to eight billion by 2023.One-third of current renters use these smart systems in their current living space, and some refuse to rent an apartment or multifamily property that doesn’t possess any smart home features.

With the rise of smart home features has also brought along the rise of concerns for data breaches and privacy. Renters want to know that transactions, such as online rental payments, are safe and won’t take important and personal information. Renters also want assurance that there won’t be data breaches or hackers able to find personal information while handling online transactions as well.

It’s important for property managers to consider an online system that protects their residents’ privacy while also offering online options, like rental payments or lease signings on the web, that make both residents and property manager’s lives easier. It is also important that property managers research and understand their current smart home features, so that they know the current privacy policies as well as how to elevate their residents’ current living spaces.

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