Two Ways Property Technology Benefits the Workplace

The main purpose of property technology is to simplify the way real estate businesses manage, sell, and rent properties. Although the real estate market has been slow in accepting technological and proptech trends, the proptech industry proved its importance during the COVID-19 pandemic. With less in-person interaction and physical space, proptech tools can help property managers digitize the renting or selling process and make the most of their limited space. The top two benefits of property technology in the workplace include:

  • Reduced physical contact: In an effort to decrease the spread of germs, proptech solutions such as facial recognition and smartphone integration are now used for entryway systems instead of keys or fobs.
  • Space occupancy simplified: People are now finding that there is less space available as they return to the workplace. Through proptech, property managers can digitize and make the most of their space through a digital access system that allows residents to book apartment amenities to ensure their availability.

How Invictus Benefits the Workplace:

Invictus empowers the entryway system and works to modernize the entryway experience. Both residents and property managers are able to access entryway points through our Invictus mobile app, thus reducing physical contact and eliminating the use of keys and fobs. The Invictus mobile app also allows residents to reserve spaces such as an office room in their apartment or multifamily property. This answers the need for making the most of a limited space and ensuring all residents can use all apartment amenities during the time they see fit. With Invictus, both property managers and residents can enjoy a digitized process of renting needed spaces and making the most of a reduced space.

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