How Social Media Can Attract Gen Z Renters

With 2022 ready to come in just a few days, property managers and the real estate are now looking at how to attract new renters for the upcoming year. One important demographic property managers are looking to attract is Gen Z. As the first group in history to be raised by the digital world, Gen Z renters are used to growing up surrounded by social media, research, and the newest innovations in technology at their fingertips.

As the Gen Z demographic prepares to rent their first apartments or multifamily units, property managers must consider the appeal of community, sustainability, and eco-friendly living areas that attract Gen Z renters. Amenities such as high-speed Internet and outdoor community and garden spaces are more likely to draw in Gen Z renters than the older, traditional properties of past generations.

The world of social media and fast-paced communication also indicates how property managers should communicate with Gen Z renters. Gen Z renters no longer want just a sales pitch, but authenticity from property managers. Different forms of communication, such as texting, attract Gen Z to properties than telephone calls. Using social media to engage and educate consumers is also important, as Gen Z renters will feel more included with social media feeds that have their customized interests, rather than just hearing sales pitches. With this in mind, property managers can use the latest social media developments to connect with Gen Z renters and make them feel they have more than just a property to live in–they have an elevated community.

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