Empowering Residents

We're More Than Just an Entryway System: We Bring a Smart Community to Life


Revenue Portal

Invictus collaborates with local businesses, inviting them to offer in-app coupons to your residents. This creates a revenue opportunity for property management while supporting local businesses.

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Truly Industrial

Our kiosk intercoms come with industrial grade parts, including motherboards and LEDs. They have been extensively failure tested, guaranteeing a 6 year continuous lifecycle. These kiosks have been halt tested for freezer to oven operating temperatures of -30C to 85C. All components are similarly tested for fallout (pass mark is 50 cycles).



Invictus has open API, which gives flexibility to adapt to new and future access control technologies. This gives us the ability to easily integrate and customize our platform by hosting other open source, single-service software solutions.

customer satisfaction

User Satisfaction

Our system was designed with the resident in mind. Our all-in-one app streamlines communication like never before. Users love having so many aspects of their community’s daily functions in a single location. Once they’ve experienced the Invictus lifestyle, nothing else compares!